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Development status of aluminum profile industry in China
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With the rapid growth of the economy, more and more aluminum profile manufacturers begin to join. At the same time, aluminum consumption in our country has also increased rapidly with a strong trend. According to the "13th Five-Year" non-ferrous metal industry planning, by 2020 China's total aluminum consumption will reach 43 million tons, an average annual compound growth rate during 2016-2020 (CAGR) will reach 7.24%. According to aluminum melt network data show that in 2016 China's total aluminum consumption reached 32 million 500 thousand tons, an increase of 8%, is expected in 2017 aluminum consumption will reach 3470 tons, an increase of 6.77%.

At the same time, with the rapid growth of China's aluminum industry, aluminum industry sales revenue will increase year by year. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics, in 2008-2014 years, the annual growth rate of the sales income of China's aluminum industry is more than 25% (excluding the factors of statistical caliber changes). According to the current economic situation at home and abroad, combined with the 2008-2014 sales data China aluminum industry and Chinese economic growth data, aluminum melt network is expected to 2020, Chinese aluminum industry sales revenue will be 975 billion 800 million yuan.

Although China's aluminum industry is the development of good, but recently the aluminum price trend downturn can not be ignored, and the aluminum consumption gradually into the off-season, is expected to fall and electrolytic aluminum supply side reform, various factors make China's recent development of aluminum market is not optimistic, but also to influence aluminum market caused a certain amount of. In general, aluminum melting network that, given the current market conditions, the development of China's aluminum market in the short term or will enter a relatively weak state, but in the long term, the development of aluminum market is good. In this environment, it is necessary for aluminum enterprises to actively complete the innovation and transformation, not to expand production blindly. According to the data analysis, the environment of the aluminum industry development in our country is still positive. Therefore, the aluminum profile manufacturers want to keep a good and steady development, and the innovation and transformation of the industry are essential.

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